What is Spiritualism?

What is it all about?

It is a Philosophy, Science and Religion, based on the belief of the continuous existence of the Human Spirit after death and the ability to communicate with the Spirit of those who have passed to higher life.

Spiritualism is a Religion - not a sect, it is recognized and registered as a religion by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.


When did it begin?

The Spiritualist Philosophy can be dated back to early Human history; from many experiences occurring world wide in the nineteenth century.

Today, throughout the world, there are many Spiritualist Churches, groups and centres. There is a global body for the furtherance of knowledge about Spiritualism, this body also links us all together, as we all aspire to live within the seven Principles of Spiritualism.


Who are these people who follow the Spiritualist way of life?

They are people like you and me, the sister or brother, the cousin or the Uncle or Aunt, the Mum or the Dad, the Nan or the Pa. Most of us have come from the orthodox religions of the world. Most of us felt that there is so much more to know about our Spiritual being, so many things that remained unexplained, we started searching for our own truth about life and in our search, we came across something which gives us tangible proof of the life hereafter. It shows us a new way to think and act in life.


What is it that we believe in?

Spiritualism has no Dogma or Creed. Every being is seen as an individual looking to expand their own awareness and understanding surrounding their role in life. Spiritualism has Seven Principles given as inspired Guidelines and these principles are open to interpretation, or what you hold to be the truth in your life.

We as Spiritualists, endeavour in our lives to hold and live to the Principles that our Religion, Science and Philosophy has as it's base, those Principles are as follows:

  • The Fatherhood of God
  • The Brotherhood of Man
  • The Communication of Spirit and the Ministry of Angels
  • The Continuous Existence of the Human Spirit
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Compensation for all Good and Evil Deeds Done on Earth
  • Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Spirit


How do Spiritualists view life?

We accept there is a greater intelligence, a life force, an all knowing, ever present energy, existing, most of us know this divine force as "GOD" that Divine source that has expressed itself in all of the glory that surrounds each and every one of us, irrespective of our Religion, Politics or colour. We acknowledge that we all are truly God's children and that in spirit we are all brothers and sisters. We see life eternal; we acknowledge that we are co-existing in a physical body. We believe that we all follow our own pathway throughout our earthly life. We believe that we have surrendered our earthly body, (at the end of our physical life as we know it) that our Spirit transcends, taking with it the personality developed during this lifetime. We accept that Psychic faculties are a fact of life. We believe that these faculties lie within each and everyone of us, that God has given us all "Gifts". Some of us have natural gifts, whilst some of us must work at realizing the gifts each of us have within. We do this by becoming a part of a development group for fostering and enhancing the gifts within.


There is, unfortunately, a general belief, in and amongst our society that we are in league with dark forces. Nothing could be further from the truth as far as Spiritualism is concerned. The love that is fostered, within all that Spiritualism encompasses, is a great force that works for the highest good of Humanity on many, many levels throughout the world. There is no force in all of creation that is as powerful as love.


What is a Spiritualist Church service like?

Our services are similar in purpose, but of different format to the traditional services to other church bodies. We share inspirational verse, inspired writings, a Spiritual message, some prayer and meditation healing. Hands on Healing is shared either before or during the service. We provide Spiritualist Mediums to offer "Proof of Survival", we also sing to lift the vibration and atmosphere at our service.


What is it we provide, to those attending our service?

Speakers who share their knowledge of life. Spiritualist Mediums to demonstrate and prove that life does continue and that communication with caring loved ones is possible. To create a loving and peaceful atmosphere, where people may come to discover their own Divinity, a place where freedom of thought, self expression and confidence in ones own uniqueness can grow, we provide a place for those who seek to be at peace and onement with all things.


Through the Ministry of Churches, Centre's and Groups; we can provide the following services to those who wish to use these services:

  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Namings
  • Civil Ceremonies

All you need to know on Spiritualism

John Beattie Eugene Rochas seance1

 In life we know loss, in death we experience liberation.   Rev Carol  Crawford-Kerr

In spiritism and also in Spiritualism the role of the medium is to convey or relay messages from those spirits (people who have passed over) to those who are still in this level of being.  The role of a person with this capability is an intermediary one.

It can be stated that the role of the medium is to be the intermediary between the world of the living and the dead.

Spiritualist mediums do so relay messages through numerous methods of either going into trance state and allowing a spirit to control and speak through their body directly or through automatic drawing and writing.

Spiritualism can have many classifications.  The categories of mediumship can be defined by two main terms: “mental” and “physical” with mental focused mediums being “attuned” to seeing spirits, words and symbols, the physically based form is aligned to more visually compelling evidence in the form of ectoplasm, materialization of people, transfiguration of recognizable features, levitation and apports.  These apportations can come in the guise of objects which can be dropped into a room by spirit, or knocking on doors, creaking and bell ringing.  Ectoplasm is created from cellular elements and these will be extracted slowly from the bodies of those present within a sitting.  

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Chakra Colours & Meaning

Chakra Colour & Meaning

Red Base

Ground Spirit Force In body

Orange Sacral

Creativity into all forces

Creation, self directed

Yellow Solar Plexus

Personal Power, Digestion


Green Heart

Expressing love in action


Blue Throat

Ability to verbalize

Truth, expression

Indigo Third eye

Balanced State of mind

Cleansing, clear sight

Violet Crown

Oneness with creator

Infinite identification

peace , wisdom

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There are seven

main energy centres

(chakras) of the body

These chakras are like

spirals of energy,



Chakra point

Vortex front & back

Christine Goritchan


Goritchan ChristineChristine Goritchan is president of the Seaford spiritualist church Inc. and leads the church platforms as a clairvoyant demonstrator, trance lecturer and inspirational speaker.