Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship allows those in the spirit realm, through a blending of the energies of a medium with their guide referred to as the ‘control’, to bring through comfort, wisdom, guidance and healing via the medium who is in an altered state of awareness. In some circumstances one is able to converse with the guide and ask questions.

These altered states range from a sleepy-like state, whilst having conscious awareness where the medium can hear all that is being spoken through them and can awaken quite easily and quickly, to a much deeper state of being totally unconscious, and where the voice change is very evident. At this level it is important for the medium to have a ‘minder’ to ensure that their physical well-being being is assured. The trance state induces a state of super sensitivity and can require a period of adjustment in returning to conscious awareness.

Trance mediumship by necessity of its nature, MUST therefore be developed under the direction, supervision and guidance of a very experienced medium.

Great teachings through the trance state include those of White Eagle and Silver Birch. White Eagle’s teachings came through the mediumship of Grace Cooke (born in the early 1890’s-1979) who founded the Church of the White Eagle Lodge in 1936 under his inspiration.

You are spirit, you are immortal, you are a radiant being, a child of God. Live in your spirit and allow nothing to bind or limit you. ~ White Eagle

Silver Birch is a guide who spoke through Maurice Barbanell (1902-1981), both of whom are pictured below. Maurice was the founder and editor of the Psychic News of London. Silver Birch’s teachings became popular in the late 1930’s and resulted in the publication of nine books documenting his communications.

At Seaford we are fortunate to have trance mediums on our platform and on occasions student mediums are given the opportunity to demonstrate their progress.

The following recordings are a perfect example of the depth and breadth of the guidance that is available to us.  Both recordings are of Rev Carol-Crawford Kerr’s guides speaking through the trance state.

Carol, President and Minister of the Ringwood Spiritualist Church is a Life member of the Seaford Spiritualist Church, having served on our Committee for a number of years and then serving nine years in the role of President.

The first recording is of her guide Paul speaking of the Spiritual Journey, followed by another of her Guides Lee Long Lee speaking on the subject of Law of Attraction and Vertical time. You will find them both very interesting.

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