Mediumship Modalities

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 Mediumship Modalities : -Clairaudience and Clairsentience 

Clairaudience  is another way spirit can communicate with us, this simply means to hear clearly. Often as you work with spirit they will use sound to get their message through to us. It can feel like someone has whispered in your ear and you can feel the words like a thought in your mind. This is another common form of mediumship and a lot of communications use a combination of both forms of communication  clairvoyance and clairaudience.

You must learn how to recognize and how to tell the difference between spirit communication and your own mind talk.   Some people feel like they have whispering in their ear, some hear a melody or song in their ear, still others get a feeling of words in their own mind, like they are having a conversation with themselves.

When clairsentience was coming in for me, I started to hear loud buzzing in my ear, like a rumble outside of myself that I could feel vibrating in my middle ear.   It was a strange feeling but from that I began to perceive different tones of voice, like male and female.   I would also urge you to pay attention to the rhythm of speech, we all have a different speech pattern and if you hear words phrased in ways that are not common to your speech pattern, then that is a clue that spirit are talking to you.

Footnote :-You do not always hear spirit clairaudience externally, most often it is from within the mind, the quiet little voice which speaks to you internally.   It is important to be aware of this and to work with your clairaudient faculty in the way it comes.

So as we develop over the weeks throughout this course you will learn and you will be given exercises to help you to achieve this aspect of your mediumship.

Clairsentience Is a very effective form of your mediumship, this simply means that you use the sensory perceptive system and can pick up different fragrances, physical conditions or feelings, like the perfume that the communicator wore, or perhaps their feelings and emotions, feeling of happiness or sadness, you may also sense their condition of passing. I have done readings where it has felt like i have had a vice in my chest, only to discover that the spirit communicator passed with a heart attack.

This form of mediumship is perhaps one of the hardest aspects of your mediumship to develop, The skill involved here is to be fully empathetic with your sitter, while remaining completely impersonal about the message and content. Now if you think this is easy, think again. If you were to look into the eyes of a grieving mother, mourning the loss of her child, and it's your job to communicate with that child in the spirit world and to be the link between mother and child, with all the emotion and complexities that brings. Then you begin to see just how your clairsentient faculty works within your mediumship, because you will feel all of the emotions from the child, any sorrow, unfinished business between the two, the sadness of the child at leaving their family and the sadness at seeing their mother living with such pain, and not being able to reassure them.

If you have not developed your mediumship and worked with your clairsentient faculty, there is a real danger that you will pick up the emotions of the reading and be emotionally drawn in to the sorrow or sadness. The danger is when it takes hold of your own emotional body and you begin to think it's your own feelings. Clairsentient mediums are like big sponges and usually are also empathic.

So a full range of emotions can be drawn into your own energy field, other emotions you should be aware of are, feelings of love or anger, depression, grief as well as taste, or sensory perceptions of touch, smell and so on. Learning how to balance this form of your mediumship can be quite hard to do and it will take time and discipline to learn how to protect your own energy field, learning to contain and manage the emotional information that you are picking up on.    With practice and the exercises and discipline set out in the course we will work to ground and balance you leaving you open to being a clear channel for spirit without the overload syndrome.


Footnote:-Remember that when doing a reading always remain Impersonal, while establishing a rapport with your client that is fully personal. Remember to open and close your energy field whenever you work. This helps to keep you grounded and balanced.


Spiritual Healing

Laying on of hands

Place your hands on the sitters shoulders or head. Allow the spirit realm to surround your auric energy, becoming a channel for this grace and drawing this healing vibration through you, to be disbursed allowing you to deposit this healing vibration into the auric field of those who are open to receive this energy from Spirit.

Absent Healing

There is no need to be in the same room with someone to send them healing, by the power of thought and the feelings in your heart, you can direct this unconditional love to those with whom you are concerned and give them an energetic gift of healing.

This is also known as prayer.