Mediums from the past

There are many mediums past and present who have paved the way forward to our knowledge and understanding of the spiritual world. They do this by demonstrating and teaching us about ourselves, our loved ones, and the world beyond our physical existence.

In the following links we explore and learn about some of the most famous mediums. Click on the name to go to that section.

Harry Edwards

George Eldred

Gordon Higginson

Edgar Cayce


Harry Edwards - Spiritual healer

Harry Edward's Prayer

May I be thankful for all the blessings I already have. Grant me relief from pain and sickness, protect me from all ills and grant me good health in the days to come.

Remove all causes of imperfection and bring Thy Healing Ministers close to me that I may be conscious of their presence and so receive guidance and inspiration.

Grant me courage and fortitude to overcome all adversity. Let me be conscious of Thy strength in all time of need. Grant me confidence to overcome my fears and not to anticipate harm.

Teach me, how to live rightly in Thy sight, to do only that which is right and true. I pray that good guidance and right influencing will inspire all Thy peoples to be as brothers, one to the other, and that peace shall endure for all time. Amen

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George Eldred

Spirit communicate in many ways, some communications are through clairvoyant messages and some are inspirational feelings and intuition, but as mediums we can also learn to manage spirit vibration and channel this vibration through our own physical body. The wisdom that can be shared is limitless.

Over the many years that the spiritualist churches have been running there have been many fine mediums who have dedicated their lives to the spirit realms and the service to mankind. In Australia we have had many great mediums that have worked through the VSU, George Eldridge was one such medium who we were fortunate enough to have on our Platform many years ago.

The MP3 audio below is a copy of this CD very kindly gifted to the Seaford Spiritualist Church, so enjoy the following trance recordings. As you listen you can appreciate the level of attunement that it takes to give yourself over to spirit as a channel, we hope you enjoy listening.


Gordon Higginson

Gearoge Higginson MediumThis double CD was recorded at Stansted Hall on the 25th October 1982 during "Friends Week". It was Gordon who during his first term in office started "Friends Of Stansted". which provided a pool of voluntary workers to defray the costs of maintaining and keeping the then threatened Stansted Hall a major teaching institution in the UK for Spiritualism and Mediumship.

These tracks contain a mixture of Spiritualist Philosophy, speaking on Trance Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Humorous stories delivered in Gordon's unforgettable manner.

(it should be noted these are not professionally recorded, they were originally recorded on a cassette)





disc 1

disc 2 track 1

disc 2 track 2


Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet

Edgar Cayce The Sleeping ProphetEdgar Cayce (1877 -1945) was a trance medium who would place himself into a self-induced sleep state and explore the Spirit Realm and answer questions on a wide range of topics. Edgar gave over 14,000 readings on topics ranging from meditation to curing baldness, and from perpetual motion devices to Ancient Egypt. 

Will our lifespan, as human beings, be extended?
We know that humans are now living longer than at the time of Edgar Cayce, but his readings seem to indicate that a healthy human lifespan would extend years beyond that which we are currently living.

“Now, we find there are many changes in the body since we have had this – many for good. Many of the organs and the conditions show the changes as come about by the natural, or so called natural conditions in changes as the body succumbs to the effects of age or usage in the system. Much of this may be overcome. (Man should live much longer than has been ordinarily given – and will!)” Edgar Cayce reading (244-2) October 18, 1926

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