Meditation - Practical Exercise

Invocation & Protection Prayer to open the channels for spirit meditation

Written and published with permission by Rev Carol Crawford-Kerr ©

Learning how to open up safely and learning what guides are working with you is very important.

We all have guardian spirits and door keepers; they are the workers that you will work towards developing a rapport and friendship with as you start to develop your mediumship.

It is wise and highly recommended that you implement an opening and closing practice, as you begin to work with the higher realms. This will assist you with your connection to spirit and in the development of your practical skills. By creating a strong link with your guides, they can assist you as you develop your mediumship, to work safely with your spirit realms, as well as teaching and working with you as you develop your meditation practice. Working with you on how to close down at the end of any work involving spirit connection.

Your spiritual practice is not only limited to you personal space but can also extend to learning how to cleanse our cars, homes and work space. .

I have provided you with a demonstration opening prayer,

Use can follow this example or use your own words when you are preparing to work with Spirit


Opening Prayer


Silhouette Of Consciousness

Guided Meditation to connect with your spirit guides

There are many forms of meditation. You can work to connect with your Guides, or spirit lived ones who wish to pass messages, there is also meditation to work with spiritual healing, both absent healing and laying on of hands. Integrated into our Sunday Service we recognize the importance of absent healing and encourage our congregation members to write the names of all who the would like to send a healing prayer to. To further add to this we also facilitate a lead meditation at this time in our service to further support and empower the healing process.

Inspiration from my own guides shed light on this aspect of our service. They told me that the intention you have for the person you wish to send healing to , Is actually the act of healing. It is in the thought for good will and love to be sent to the person by you that holds the power of the healing prayer.

So as we place the names in the healing book we set our intention for that person to receive healing, then as we join together in meditation within the service, we collectively join and use the power of our minds to send our healing intentions. That is when the energy transfer will projected to its recipient.

So how important is it that we spend those few minutes in an act of selflessness and service.

Below I have included a meditation that I guided at our Christmas Service 2012 for you to listen to. It is my hope that you will listen to it and find gain some ideas on how to meditate at home so you can to continue to develop your own meditation practice.


Christmas Service Meditation