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Session Two: - Establishing Your Spiritual Practice

Protection, relaxation and Energetic Cleansing

Written and published with permission by Rev Carol Crawford-Kerr ©

In this our second week of our introduction to mediumship course we will be discussing the importance of safety and the importance of maintaining a level of control as we work with the spirit realms. It is important to consider that we are an integral part of the connection to spirit when we work we have to take some responsibility for our own safety.

Just as we can meet those on the earth plane who are perhaps not working for our highest good we can also encounter those in the spirit realms who are not looking out for our best interests and perhaps they have no desire to leave the earth plane at the end of their lives and instead of passing over to the light they can choose to stay close to the earth plane or perhaps they have unfinished business and again choose to stay close to the earth plane so as to work towards tying up loose ends, of course they just don't realize that they have passed away and feel lost and scared and if you are the person who has the light that most suits them then they can attach themselves to you.

Please understand that as you would think twice about walking down a dark street in the middle of the night flashing you wallet and its contents, because commonsense dictates that this would be dangerous you should also use the same level of commonsense when working with spirit.

Learning how to open up safely and learning what guides are working with you is very important. We all have guardian spirits and door keepers; they are the workers that you will work towards developing a rapport and friendship with, as you start to develop your mediumship. As you continue with this course you will be given working exercises which will assist you to develop practical skills which will guide you helping you to work safely with your spirit guides, as well as teaching you how to close down at the end of any work involving spirit connection. We will also learn how to cleanse our personal auric field as well as our cars, homes and work space. I will take you through exercises to help you with this part of your development.


I have provided you with a demonstration opening prayer,

Use can follow this example or use your own words when you are preparing to work with Spirit 


We also must learn how to work with integrity and also develop the discipline of knowing when it is appropriate to pass on communications from spirit, as well as the presentation of the messages you receive. There is certain information which would be unethical to give within a reading. There is also the correct terminology in which to pass on information, always working to make the contents as compassionately and gently as possible without causing hurt for the person you are reading. Your aim is always to leave the person you are reading for feeling uplifted.


Also there are differences between psychics and mediums with which we will further explore in this segment of the course.


Working in partnership with your spirit guides,

learning how to build a safe working relationship with the spirit realms,

being responsible for the presentation and the content of the messages you receive

and working with the intention to uphold a high level of integrity

will help you to create a very safe and enjoyable relationship as you develop this exciting new chapter of your spiritual unfoldment.


 5 Ways to Put Spirituality into Practice

 Spirituality exists in all traditions and cultures. You can put your spirituality into practice in your daily life through ordinary, everyday activities.


  1. Learn what spirituality is; Spirituality includes your spiritual practices or spiritual disciplines, which may include prayer, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises and ceremonies or rituals.
  2. Pray or meditate Increase; your spiritual development with regular prayer or communication with a higher power.
  3. Give   You can grow in your spiritual development by helping and giving to others, giving to charity & volunteering, which strengthens your community spirit.
  4. Live healthier As a multi-level being, you must take proper care of all of your levels.
  5. Focus on yourself  Dedicate 10 to 20 minutes per day to inward exploration

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