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stairwaytoheavenWritten and published with permission by Rev Carol Crawford-Kerr ©

What happens when we die?

As we approach the end of our lives we are faced with our own mortality. We spend most of our lives avoiding the inevitable and for most of us this is a subject that causes us real fear and  anguish. This is because we are taught that death is the end of us that there is nothing left of us when we die.

We just stop existing.

I have always had problems with this because, if we simply just stop existing then what is the point of our lives?

A great many myths have tried to explain to us where we go after we die. One that comes to mind is that if you have lived a good life, sin free, then you will go to heaven to be with God. Only then can you become an angel and live in love and light.

The other side of this is that, if you have lived a life full of sin and have not repented and knelt before God, then you will be cast down into the depth of hell and be condemned to an eternity of suffering and pain.

For me this simplistic view lacks any depth.

This is a subject that humanity has tried to find a definitive answers to since recorded history began and we are still no closer to really knowing the truth, than we were over a millennium ago.

Religions have worked hard to provide understanding for the human desire to understand their origins, but if you look at history it is clear that religion has created more problems and social unrest that any other form of  belief.

Each religious philosophy can offer us some insight, but we seem to get distracted by our individual need to be right, this can often lead us down the path of self-righteousness and dogma, at this point we generally will go to any lengths to prove that all other religious belief structures are wrong, We are then driven to make every other culture conform to our religious doctrine even under threat of death.

Some question's that you may find yourself asking are:

  • Do I believe in Heaven or Hell? 
  • Is there a God in Heaven and if there is, does that mean that devil exists?

Really the answer to these or similar questions will determine, how you will live your life and what you can expect to experience when you die.

These days we take a much more symbolic view of Heaven, Hell or the Bible.

We tend to see it as metaphoric, understanding that these two opposing forces are the battle of our own ego, the dark and light that is expressed throughout our every day by our actions and deeds towards each other.

But this does not negate the importance, that our cultural beliefs have over how we experience our lives and our concept of death.

There is only one thing that we can ever know for sure,

No matter how long we live, we will all eventually die. There is no escaping death.

Facing our own mortality is one of the most challenging aspects of exploring spirituality and expanding our consciousness.  

Life after death, communication between those on the earth plane and those in the spirit word, seers, mediums or sensitive's have always been a part of our society, In different ages they have been both revered and persecuted, by the dominant culture of the time. But none the less they have always worked to create understanding and bring truth to the mystery of birth, life and death.

So what happens to you when we die?

Spiritualism recognizes communication from the spirit realms, This is known as trance mediumship or channeling spiritual entities  from beyond the earth plane.

One such entity was known as Silver Birch. This spirit teacher used the mediumship of Maurice Barbanel. I have included some words that were channeled from this great spiritual teacher.

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May Peace and Harmony Embrace You, And Love and Light Guide You Rev Carol Crawford-Kerr

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless

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