Handy Tips For Developing Your Mediumship

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Written and published with permission by Rev Carol Crawford-Kerr ©

Hello I'm so excited I have just completed my Handy tips to developing your mediumship free booklet. If you like it then share it with your friends.

We will cover all the different aspects of spirit communication and mediumship development.

Please click on the links below and you will be redirected to my printable and downloadable PDF 

Psychic Development Free Booklet Hints and Tips

Week One


Week Two

I am excited to share week two of my free hints and tips for developing mediumship. Remember that whenever you sit to communicate with the spirit realm, It is wise to follow a safe opening and closing ritual. To Find out more please click the link below.


Christine Goritchan


Goritchan ChristineChristine Goritchan is president of the Seaford spiritualist church Inc. and leads the church platforms as a clairvoyant demonstrator, trance lecturer and inspirational speaker.