What is Spiritualism? - An Introduction

What is it all about?

Spiritualism is a Philosophy, Science and was recognised and registered as a Religon by the Commonwealth Government of Australia in 1923.

Spiritualism is based on the belief of the continuous existence of the Human Spirit after death and the ability to communicate with the Spirits of those who have passed to higher life.

This belief is evidenced through the gift of mediumship by demonstrating the proof of survival of each individual soul and each individual's own personal experience/s

Spiritualism is a progressive philosophy, based on Natural Laws and natural phenomena. Every being is seen as an individual looking to expand their own awareness and understanding their human experience and soul's journey.

Spiritualists recognise no authority as final arbiter of belief and believe only in that which is based on verifiable fact and personal experience.

Spiritualists accept the right of all to their own Truth.

How do Spiritualists view life?

We accept there is a far greater intelligence, a life force, an all knowing, ever present energy that exists. Most of us know this divine force as "GOD", a Divine source that has expressed itself through each and every one of us.

We acknowledge that we all are truly God's children and that in spirit we are all brothers and sisters.

We see life as eternal and we acknowledge that we are coexisting in a physical body. We believe that we follow out own pathway through our earthly life.

We believe that we surrender our earthly body at the end of our physical life and that our Spirit transcends, taking with it the personality developed during this lifetime.

We accept that psychic faculties are a way of life. We believe that these faculties lie within each and every one of us, that God has given us all gifts. Some of us have natural gifts, whilst some of us must work at realising the gifts each of us have within. We do this be becoming a part of development groups for fostering and enhancing the gifts within.

The love that is fostered within all that Spiritualism encompasses, is a great force the works for the highest good of Humanity on many, many levels throughout the world. There is no force in all of creation that is as powerful as love.

What brings us to Spiritualism?

For some of us it is through the passing of a loved one that makes us question life. For others it is the feeling that there is so much more to know about our spiritual being, that something is missing in our life, or that so many things remain unexplained, so we start searching for our own truth about life.

Spiritualism not only gives us tangible proof of the life hereafter, it shows us a new way to believe, think and act in life. Life has purpose and meaning.

To find the location of the Seaford Spiritualist Church

Seaford Community Centre, cnr Broughton St and Station Street, Seaford VIC 3198

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